We are a creative film and video production company based in Bangladesh


at Lamp Entertainment BD, we nurture an environment of mutual respect and integrity. Every member of this family is encouraged to innovate, and supported to deliver work to the best of their potential.

We are a team of professionals committed to innovate processes that facilitates continuous learning and elevates the quality of both individual & organisational results

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We are content creators, unbound by formats, methods, or channels of distribution. We believe in creating content that not only entertains, but fuels the imagination of the viewer and continually expands their scope of reality. We are storytellers at heart, driven by the need to deliver originality, quality, and vivid detail. The core of all our content is formed by combining strong narratives with high production value that does justice to them. Our passionate in-house team of story developers sift through ideas with a fine comb and free-flowing creativity, to develop them into scripts that give birth to compelling audio-visual experiences.


Once our content is developed, all our efforts are focused on packaging it for our audience with strong, relevant, and engaging messaging. With a reputation for breaking traditional barriers of movie marketing, we welcome clutter-breaking strategies, and aren’t afraid of taking risks in this pursuit. Keeping this at the core of our marketing mission, our campaigns are borne from rigorous brainstorming and inclusive idea-swapping, and are nurtured by an effective team dedicated to the timely execution of all plans. It will always be our intention to form deep-rooted relationships with our audience, and to constantly find creative new ways to bowl them over.


Through the constant evolution of our distribution mechanisms, we seek to catch the pulse of the Bangladesh audience’s content consumption preferences. We initiate innovations to grow with their ever-changing sensibilities, along with those of the filmmakers we work with, as well as the industry we work in. With the mass adoption of new technology, the Indian film industry has opened up to new creative and commercial endeavours, from utilising existing IPs to rapidly progressing distribution chains. As a film studio and a distribution company, we pride ourselves on being the spearhead that drives the wheel of evolution in the Bangladeshi film industry.

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