Silent Maker Short Film

Director Habibur Rahman

“উৎসর্গ চলচ্চিত্র নির্মাতা রাসেল আহমেদ

Bengali Short Film Silent Maker 2017

Story,Screenplay & Direction: Habibur Rahaman Auntor Cinematgraphy: Shuvo Mohiuddin

Sound: Muserk (Sound Recordings) Hariye Jao (Flute Cover

Casting:Opekkhaman Shuvo, Nusrat Tanha, Tousibul, AS Signdho,Pori Moni,Labib Tamim, Redowan,Jahin Nadia,araf,setu,zahid Emi,Maliha,Punom Riaz, apon Sikder, Tamim, Mainul Islam.

Edit & FX : Risi,Arnob & HR Auntor

Co-Produec: Ferdous Khan Nishat & ADV Mukti Produection:Lamp Entertainment BD


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